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Our purpose is the optimal performance of your property and of our services, always the foundation for high accommodation standards.

Our desire is our mentality as well as our effort for an exceptional accommodation to be recognized, firstly by our visitors but also by the owners / companies / partners.

What makes us different from the rest is the official global recognition by Airbnb as well as our official partnership with Booking.com

It is also worth mentioning that another one of our targets is our VRMA integration, a step that will be implemented soon.


Listing creation

in all supported websites (apartment, house, boat etc.)



in space layout


Achieving and managing bookings


Competition monitoring

in the property area



pricing policy


Constant availability

updates after agreement with the owner


Direct communication

with visitors for better service



of visitors and 24 hours service



Programming maintenance tasks


Cleaning and site preparation


Supplying the space with essential items


Delivering and receiving the property


Ability to combine a car / boat rental during visitors’ stay

Choosing us, you gain

Complete economic transparency

High accommodation standards

Consistent monitoring & update

Maximum visibility of the estate

Best results

To know us better

Our team

Far and Beyond Hospitality offers advanced and quality management and hospitality services for your space through online platforms of listing, searching, finding and renting accommodation such as Airbnb.INC, Booking.com, HomeAway, Agoda, Expedia as well as the rest of the platforms of Groups RentalsUnited & VRBO.

Far and Beyond Hospitality accommodates the following areas: Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Kajmakchalan and soon we will be in Athens & Mykonos.

The Far and Beyond Hospitality team has received in 2017, in 2018 and in 2019 the SuperHost Award by Airbnb.

Christefi Karagkouni

Christefi Karagkouni

Head of Financial Department
Dimitris Karagkounis

Dimitris Karagkounis

Eirini Karagkouni

Eirini Karagkouni

Interior Designer / Operation Manager
Ioanna Metentzidou

Ioanna Metentzidou

General Manager
Nikos Ziagakis

Nikos Ziagakis

Architectural photography
Eirini Freri

Eirini Freri

Communication Manager
Dimitris Papadogamvros

Dimitris Papadogamvros

Accommodation Supervisor


Vasileios D.Papanastasiou
Economist – Accountant – Insurance Advisor.

Special Projects


Do not hesitate to contact us about any enquiries.

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Contact hours: 11:00 – 15:00

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